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Born in Asia's greatest cities!* For the first time on this planet* Fitness meets Technology* A social running experience

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About this game

In Shadows captures the adrenaline and intensity of the ultimate rivalry between Hunters and Shadows in a stunning open running environment. A world's first mobile iBeacon-enabled game of tag, In Shadows requires at least two players, who each have the In Shadows app. In Shadows allows gamers play as either a Hunter or a Shadow. They must try to outwit each other while running. In Shadows includes a timer allowing the game to be played in 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. It also has built-in radar, which tells Hunters and Shadows when they are near each other. In Shadows keeps track of the level of criticality by changing color when two players are very close to each other. It also includes a web-based scoring system so that players can keep track of their scores across multiple game sessions.

Hunters : While roaming through the wild sprawl near the Eiswald Lake district searching for undiscovered animal species and infinite treasures, the hunters unintentionally openend a passage to the mysterious Shadowlands. A dangerous place inhabited by savage beasts: the Shadows. The ultimate goal of the hunter is to survive the onslaught on the Shadows. Hunters score points by avoiding being tagged.
Shadows: Bloodthirsty and fierce, hungry for fresh tags, Shadows can move invisibly. The Shadows are savage beasts borne and raised in the dark concrete forests of the urban Shadowlands. In their thirst for blood they need to tag as many hunters as possible. Once tagged, a hunter is quarantined for 45 seconds. Shadows score points by tagging Hunters, but can only do so once they are visible.
  • The best workout ever!

  • Welcome to In Shadows

  • Join or create your dream gaming experience!

  • Be a Hunter or a Shadow

  • Wait until the game begins!

  • They are closing in! Run!

  • You can only win by scoring points

  • Smart and easy!


Currently available on iOS and coming fall on Android. In Shadows promises an unparalleled augmented fitness experience at prime locations on this planet. Using cutting edge iBeacon technology, enjoy fitness like never before.

Urban games

Let the city be your playground!
Best played with 5x5 strong teams in compact urban cells, In Shadows combines fun-driven game elements with a challenging and exciting fitness experience.
Play where you want to play.

Intensive Fitness Experiences

InShadows is an anaerobic augmented fitness experience for runners. It turns your conventional routine into a social gaming experience. Both iPhone and Android versions will offer 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute game sessions. You can choose to be a shadow or a hunter for each game.

Survival Hints

Travel light. The less you have weighing you down, the faster you’ll be escaping the shadows. Wear comfortable shoes, dress for the weather, bring some water and possibly a camera. Keep your eyes open. Anyone could be a shadow.

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In Shadows is played in the world's most awesome and inspiring locations. Starting with the fantastic Gardens By The Bay in Singapore the perfect venue where nature meets style meets sports. The chosen few will be the first world-wide to experience the dawning of a new era.




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Be part of the fun:

Up in the treetops

Chinese Garden Walkway


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Upcoming Singapore

Upcoming Singapore




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Imaginary Becomes Ordinary

In Shadows You know* you want* it be Elite

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